Informational Notice

This is the website with information regarding email discussion groups for local and other depositors with Landsbanki Guernsey (formerly the Guernsey operation of the Cheshire Building Society.

There are a number of websites dealing with the situation, including run by Daniel Herzberg and Lucy Kinnison and the site.

The email lists are a semi-private discussion tool, to enable those affected to organise in order to ensure that they recover their deposits with what was for many people, a local, bricks and mortar bank, fully guaranteed by its parent, the Icelandic national bank.

Some possibilities that have emerged are a class action, if it proves that substantial funds are lost, including claims on funds of the parent company which gave the guarantee and which are currently frozen in the UK under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security powers, and personal claims against any person who may have acted contrary to the laws of Guernsey, the UK or Iceland which may have contributed to the situation.

To take part in the discussion lists, please email

In order to put your case in the best way, please say whether you are a local resident of the Channel Islands (and if so, which), the UK, or elsewhere.